Gift Vouchers

To buy a Gift voucher

Go to

Click on the top option that says Gift vouchers

Scroll down to the amount options and click the select button next to the amount of the  gift voucher you would like to buy i.e £15, then select how many vouchers you would like to purchase using the + and – buttons.

Next scroll down and click View selections, this will take you to the page that gives you the total amount now click Book now

Now enter your email address.

On the next page you will be asked for details, The first box needs the name of the person the voucher is for. The second needs to be the email address where the gift voucher needs to be sent (this can be your own if you wish to print out the voucher to send or give to someone)

If you have purchased more than one voucher then click on the add attendee button to input the details for the next person.

When you have added all the recipients names and emails please fill in the box with your contact number and name then click continue

You will then be taken to the costs page where you should click on Pay by card, this will open up the boxes to input your card details. Once entered please click on Pay £…….(this will be the amount of your order.)

Once your order is placed you will get an email to confirm your purchase

You will also get a separate email with your vouchers attached, please note this is sent out manually by us and will not necessarily be immediate, however it should not be longer than 24hours during the week and 48hrs at weekends.

How to use

To use the voucher follow steps 1 – 10 of our “How to book FAQ”

At step 10 there will be a box that allows you to input your voucher code, this says Enter Discount code. Put your Voucher code in here exactly as it appears on the voucher.

Continue with the Book now button and follow the rest of the steps in the How to book FAQ.

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