Purchasing Membership

New for 2022, we are introducing an annual SurfABLE Scotland Club Membership. Available to everyone, it will offer discounts across all our lessons, plus access to our trade account events offering some fantastic savings.

How to purchase membership

Go to https://bookwhen.com/surfableasn or

Click on Memberships
Click in Select next to the membership level you require i.e how many people.
Click on Select More
Chose the activity you would like a ticket for
If there are special tickets available they will be available to select now you have the Membership in your cart.

Select the ticket you require and then how many
Please note, if selecting Exclusive tickets, the sytem will allow you to select as many as there are available, however 1 individual membership = 1 ticket, 2 people membership = 2 tickets etc. please ensure to select the correct amount and not exceed your membership level.

From this point please follow the previous system for booking your tickets UNTIL you have paid.

IMPORTANT Once payment is accepeted you will be taken to the screen that gives your booking number this page also gives you the option to set a password. Please click the link to set your password and you will be sent an email with instructions on how to do this.

In order to use you membership you MUST be logged in, if not you will not be able to select membership priced tickets.

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