General FAQ's

  • Gift Vouchers

    To buy a Gift voucher

    Go to https://bookwhen.com/surfableasn

    Click on the top option that says Gift vouchers

    Scroll down to the amount options and click the select button next to the amount of the  gift voucher you would like to buy i.e £15, then select how many vouchers you would like to purchase using the + and – buttons.

    Next scroll down and click View selections, this will take you to the page that gives you the total amount now click Book now

    Now enter your email address.

    On the next page you will be asked for details, The first box needs the name of the person the voucher is for. The second needs to be the email address where the gift voucher needs to be sent (this can be your own if you wish to print out the voucher to send or give to someone)

    If you have purchased more than one voucher then click on the add attendee button to input the details for the next person.

    When you have added all the recipients names and emails please fill in the box with your contact number and name then click continue

    You will then be taken to the costs page where you should click on Pay by card, this will open up the boxes to input your card details. Once entered please click on Pay £…….(this will be the amount of your order.)

    Once your order is placed you will get an email to confirm your purchase

    You will also get a separate email with your vouchers attached, please note this is sent out manually by us and will not necessarily be immediate, however it should not be longer than 24hours during the week and 48hrs at weekends.

    How to use

    To use the voucher follow steps 1 – 10 of our “How to book FAQ”

    At step 10 there will be a box that allows you to input your voucher code, this says Enter Discount code. Put your Voucher code in here exactly as it appears on the voucher.

    Continue with the Book now button and follow the rest of the steps in the How to book FAQ.

  • Purchasing Membership

    New for 2022, we are introducing an annual SurfABLE Scotland Club Membership. Available to everyone, it will offer discounts across all our lessons, plus access to our trade account events offering some fantastic savings.

    How to purchase membership

    Go to https://bookwhen.com/surfableasn or

    Click on Memberships
    Click in Select next to the membership level you require i.e how many people.
    Click on Select More
    Chose the activity you would like a ticket for
    If there are special tickets available they will be available to select now you have the Membership in your cart.

    Select the ticket you require and then how many
    Please note, if selecting Exclusive tickets, the sytem will allow you to select as many as there are available, however 1 individual membership = 1 ticket, 2 people membership = 2 tickets etc. please ensure to select the correct amount and not exceed your membership level.

    From this point please follow the previous system for booking your tickets UNTIL you have paid.

    IMPORTANT Once payment is accepeted you will be taken to the screen that gives your booking number this page also gives you the option to set a password. Please click the link to set your password and you will be sent an email with instructions on how to do this.

    In order to use you membership you MUST be logged in, if not you will not be able to select membership priced tickets.

  • Surf Lessons

  • Prices

    March 2023 Update

    SurfABLE Scotland Members’

    Annual Membership £20.00 per person – please refer to our FAQ menu on how to join https://surfable.org.uk/helpie_faq_page

    Assisted Group Lesson – £15.00 per surfer

    Non-assisted Group Lesson – £15.00 per surfer

    1:1 Lesson – £20.00 (requires approval)

    Wetsuit hire – £5.00 per person



    Non-members – Assisted Group Lesson – £20.00 per surfer

    Non-members – Non-assisted Group Lesson – £20.00, per surfer

    Non-members – 1:1 Lesson £30.00 (requires approval)

    Wetsuit hire – £5.00 per person


    NB. To ensure safety in our cooler North Sea environment, your lesson instructor will be required to approve personal kit for suitability (i.e., wetsuits) for those providing their own on the day. If this does not meet approval, we are happy to provide kit at our hire rate.


    Private Group Session
    For up to a maximum of 8 surfers per 1.5-2hr session. All kit included – £200.00
    10% discount available for schools and non-profit organisations. 


    For all enquiries, please contact us via https://surfable.org.uk/contact-us
    or, email us surf@surfable.org.uk

  • How to book
    Please read all the instructions before going to Book Page, or better still print them for reference if you can.
    1. Go to our Book page.
    2. Select “Book Now”.
    3. You will then be required to complete a 2022 Surfer Information Form (only once per season). If you have previously completed one for this year, please chose this option at start of form.
    4. On submitting the form, a thankyou note and link to our booking page will appear.
    5. From the list of lessons now available, scroll down to the lesson you wish to book and select.
    6. You will then get the option to select your tickets, (this shows up on the right if you are on a PC).
    7. Once you have selected the tickets, scroll down and select View Selections.
    8. You are now on the page where you can view what you have chosen, Book Now to check out, or choose to add more bookings by using Select More.
    9. You will be asked for your email address and select Continue.
    10. Enter details of the person surfing, and person attending if applicable.
    11. Enter your (or a contact on the day) phone number.
    12. Select Continue
    13. You now get to see what tickets you have booked, the cost of each ticket and the total cost of your booking. Select Pay by card to be taken to the payment gateway (Stripe)
    Go to Book Page
  • What do we need to bring with us?

    Swimming costume/trunks, towel, water, and sun cream for those summer days – we can provide a wetsuit, gloves, boots and a hood to be used during the session at our standard hire rate of £5 per surfer.

  • Do I/we need our own wetsuit(s)?

    No, we can provide the wetsuit, boots, gloves and hoods for your lesson at a standard hire cost of £5 per surfer if required.

  • Do I need to log in to the booking system?

    You don’t need to log in to book and can simply book as a guest.

  • What surf lesson is right for me?

    What surf lesson is right for me?

    SurfABLE Scotland offers a fully inclusive range of surf sessions suitable for all. From mainstream (non-assisted) groups, assisted groups, and 1:1 lessons (for surfers who require a higher ratio of support).
    Occasionally, you may see also paddle-board lessons available in place of surfing, where tides, conditions, and locations, are more appropriate for paddle sports.

    The choice between assisted and non-assisted lessons takes into consideration many factors including age, water confidence, independence, and any additional support need.

    Assisted Lesson

    Surfer – Instructor ratio 5:1
    This group is suitable for anyone who requires additional support and has the space within our ratios for a parent or carer to join and support their surfer during the lesson. Support from SurfABLE Scotland volunteers where/when available will be prioritised to these sessions.

    Non-assisted Lesson

    Surfer – Instructor ratio 8:1
    This group is suitable for anyone looking for group surf lessons within a mainstream sport and activity setting.

    1:1 Lesson

    Our instructor led 1:1 lessons are available only to those who require a higher ratio of assistance at all times, and subject to instructor approval prior to booking.
    These lessons are tailored to meet each individual’s needs with a range of enabling surfing styles and adaptive equipment.

  • I have additional support needs and depend on support from a carer. Can they support me in the water during a lession?

    Most definitely! We welcome carers and parents to assist within our assisted group lessons at no additional charge, other than standard wetsuit hire at £5 per carer/parent per lesson if required.

  • What ages do you cater for?

    Although our minimum stipulation is age 5, there is no upper age limit, and we’re still on a quest to find our first centenarian to join us!

  • How do I know when new lessons are available?

    Subscribe to our email list to be notified of new events and any news we have, you can do that by using the following link


    You can also view our Calendar

  • Cancellations

    If a anyone on the booking needs to cancel once it has been confirmed, we will refund the following amounts depending on the amount of notice given.

    • 1 week or more – 100% refund
    • Less than 1 week – 50% refund
    • Less than 24 hours – No refund

    Please email info@friendlyaccess.org to cancel a booking.
    Refunds will be processed within 30 days from the day of the cancellation.

    ‍Cancelation by us due to unforeseen circumstances

    We schedule our lessons around reliable weather & wave forecasts, however conditions can change very quickly. The safety of our surfers’ is of high priority and we will only run lessons in safe conditions. If we find conditions are not suitable for the day, we will try to contact you in advance. In the rare event that we have to cancel a lesson due weather or unforeseen circumstances, we will:

    ‍• Offer you an alternative activity if conditions allow, i.e., paddle boarding instead of surfing on flat days.
    • Rearrange for another day.
    • Give a full refund.

    Refunds will be processed within 30 days from the day of the cancellation.

  • Changing Your Booking

    We will make every effort to re-arrange any bookings you have made with us up until 24 hours before the start of the activity at no extra cost, subject to schedule and availability. In the event that a booking cannot be changed, please refer to our cancellation policy.