Ways to Surf

Seated Tandem Surfing

This surfing style is for surfers who find sitting, kneeling or lying unsupported uncomfortable or difficult.
Our surfers are supported with a higher ratio of support and one member of our team surfing tandem with them, whilst other team members provide in-water support.

Tandem Surfing

This surfing style is fun for everyone and also provides support for those who may need assistance with balance. Surfers can also receive constant one-to-one support from at least one member of our team.
We encourage our surfers to surf in a way that is comfortable for them. On a tandem board, our surfers can surf sitting, kneeling or prone. We can also offer assisted standing for younger surfers.

Solo Surfing

This surfing style is for surfers who can use a board by themselves.
Our team adjust and adapt the level of support given, depending on the individual needs of our surfers. On a single board, you can surf prone,knee ride or stand while developing your own unique surf style.